CAL 2024

Sarah, a New Beginning

This is my new CAL. Not only did I dedicate this design to my daughter Sarah because she gifted me the yarn for it, she has everything to do with the story behind the design of this blanket. You can read all about it in the Introduction of ‘Sarah’.

Thanks to our great Haaksteek Team, ‘Sarah’ is going to be published in no less than 11 different languages! The names of our wonderful group of translators and testers can also be found in the Introduction – I would be lost without them.

There will be a video for each part as well, made by our expert, Tania Leis.

Besides releasing the CAL on my Haaksteek Website, there is another wonderful new thing! Doris van der Waals owner of the webshop Haakhuis, will offer kits for ‘Sarah’.

4 Kits available!

Choose from 4 different color palettes made by members of our Haaksteek Team. Kits available on

Kit Iman

“Designing with these happy colors, chosen by my daughter Sarah, has given me so much joy. Thanks to our wonderful Haaksteek team, this beautiful pattern will be spread all over the world. I am so looking forward to your pictures of ‘Sarah’ in Haaksteek on Facebook! Now you can even order ‘Sarah’ as a kit in the webshop of Doris: She has picked just the right colors for the kit ‘Iman’.”

– Iman –

Kit Heidrun

“Love the ‘Sarah’ pattern – and love how the ‘real’ Sarah has transformed into a bright and beautiful young woman! I chose my colors for a joyful blanket and added some more colors (who doesn’t have a lot of leftovers?). I enjoyed every stitch of it and the symbolism behind the parts, and while ‘painting’ with the hook I wove in a lot of my own endings and new beginnings.”

– Heidrun –

Kit Mirjam

“For this CAL, we‘ll dive into yet another beautiful story about Iman’s life. This time we’ll get to know a little bit about her daughter Sarah as well. I deeply admire her power and perseverance. That is why I‘ve chosen powerful colors. People who know me won’t be surprised to read that, as usual, I didn’t follow the given color sequence, but don’t worry, there will be a pdf with my colors per round.”

– Mirjam –

Kit Tania

“Always such a pleasure to make a work of art by our designer, Iman. The meaning behind ‘Sarah, New Beginning’ is something we can all identify with, for different reasons. Special designs deserve special yarn, so I dove into my stash to search for a combination that has a bit of an ‘antique’ vibe. No matter our age -antique- we can work on ourselves and freshen our uniqueness with a new beginning!”

– Tania –